Ezra and Big Red on the Nest

hawk19kOn this first day of spring, with snow showers again in the forecast, I look forward to capturing many screen shots of the Red-tailed Hawks, Big Red and Ezra on the Cornell University Campus.  This pair has has returned again to the light poles above an athletic field at Cornell.  The Lab of Ornithology provides a wonderful live stream web cam on the nest for all to enjoy the activities.  In order to get screen captures from the web cam, I am required to spend too much time planted in front of my computer.  Trying to maintain a balance between my interest in these birds and my need for physical activity will be challenging.  In the meantime I hope to post the better screenshots that I am able to get.  Here are two from yesterday.Big Red

The Cornell Lab Bird Cam is only a click away.

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One Response to Ezra and Big Red on the Nest

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    What an amazing bird, love the hawks!

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