Progression into Spring

Stage One- Initial Composition Stage Two- Matte Medium Stage Three- Add Netting Stage Four- Gesso ApplicationStage Five- Colored PencilThe expandable netted bags which hold onions, lemons and limes are intricately woven things of beauty to me.  Knowing that I would eventually recycle some of this delicate fabric for a texture in a collage I stashed it in with my art supplies.  Having previously used some bird images from a calendar that I received as a gift, I paired two more images with the netting to create a piece reminding me of the long awaited spring and its accompanying bird activities.  The netting suggested the connected fibers of many of the nests I have admired.  The process of building these nests is not totally unlike the process of building anything else.  Each stage of completion will dictate the next outcome.  The juxtaposition of elements in both the nest and my collage must be functional, well crafted,  and thoughtful.  The parts must contribute to the whole in a harmonious and balanced way.  Another blogger on WordPress ( posts the different stages as they progress in her mixed media pieces.  I enjoy seeing how her visual decisions are made along the way.  With this post I think my process is a little more evident, as I also posted the successive steps in my collage assembly. With any luck the final creation of both the bird nest and my collage will be successful.

It will work as it was intended.  The nest will become home to a new family and my collage will be an expression of my fascination with birds and their instinctual capacity to design the perfect space. This and much more can be learned from our feathered friends.

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