Amazing Artists

My posts are usually about my own work, but today I will focus on numerous artists who totally amaze me.  The Finger Lakes Region of New York is home to many outstanding artists.  Living in this area has allowed me to meet many of these talented and creative people at both the Ithaca Art Trail and the  Artist Markets.  My husband and I have purchased art from visits to both these events.

One such artist and printmaker is Jenny Pope.  Her color-reduction woodcuts focus on  a number of projects including an ongoing series about Invasive animals, a book about the history of Starlings from the UK to the US, Global Warming Band-aids and a new series titled “Isolation Produces Oddballs.”  She prints small numbered editions, some quite large in print area. They are meticulously done and available as original woodcuts or Giclée reproductions mounted on bamboo and ready to hang.  We are excited to purchase an original woodcut entitled Halcyon Days, also the last of the edition.  Her website is a feast for the eyes.  Click on Jenny Pope above for a link to it and prepare to be amazed.

Another favorite, one time Ithacan, is Erica Pollock.  I first saw her work at the Artist Market where the weekly Farmers Market takes place.  Erica’s oil paintings stood out immediately.  Her fascination with urban life creates snapshots of moments in time with thick, luscious paint.  We bought a painting from Erica entitled “Midtown Midday Study.”  It preceded a much larger painting of a very similar scene of the spot in New York City. Erica now resides in California.  Her stunning work can be seen on her website which is also linked to a click on her name.

The third artist, Mary Edna Fraser,  is not a local resident, but is presently exhibiting in a wonderful show at the Museum of the Earth  in Ithaca.  Our Expanding Oceans opened at the Museum on January 25, 2013.  It highlights the expansion of our planet’s waters.  Mary Edna Fraser works with aerial and satellite photographs of at-risk landscapes, transferring them onto silk with dyes.  Created in partnership with renowned geoscientist Dr. Orrin Pilkey, this exhibit uses art to educate us on the unseen ways climate change is affecting many sites across our planet.  A click on her name will bring you to her jaw-dropping work and website.

The Farmers Market and ITHACAmade include a very large group of creative minds that continually impress me with their art and crafts.  Our home is filled with the work of the following people.  Some of these artists are self taught and others have studied formally.  I think it would be difficult to discern the difference while viewing their work.  My appreciation of art forms encompasses a great variety of styles, materials and function.  Having beautiful things to view and use in my environment is high on my bucket list.  This following group, in no particular order, has provided me with countless days of visual pleasure.  Click on their names to visit their websites.

Also among my favorites, although not Finger Lakes artists, are three people on my blogroll.  I have had the pleasure of working alongside these awe-inspiring artists and educators in a NJ high school art department for many years.  Check out Deborah Fowler Greenwood,  David Gary Wright and Julie Goldstein.

Loretta Louviere ~  Alice Muhlback ~ Nancy L. K. Boyce ~ Jolene M. Lyon ~

Amy S. Hnatko ~ Mary Reynolds ~ William Baker ~ Jan Rhodes Norman ~

Anne Garretson   ~  Handwork, Ithaca’s Cooperative Craft Store

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