Stick Figures

It is officially cold when the winter temperatures hit single digits.  Areas to the north have experienced far worse conditions and have been hammered with snow.  Tomorrow we may get a snowfall of our own.  A quick trip to PetSmart for some pet safe deicer and a visit to Wegmans for some forgotten soup ingredients will be in order. Yesterday was also a cold one and the car motors were reluctant to start without some strain.  Even our whole house generator groaned a bit before its weekly test run.  At least everything did eventually work.

We could use some sun light; the cold and snowy days are so very gray.  A few days ago there was some brightness outside and I noticed some deep blue cast shadows over the snow on the ground.  The sky was also a vibrant blue and the stark tree stick figures shared their outlines in cold, bold diagonal stripes that slashed the foreground. I knew some sort of creative adventure was about to unfold.

Stick FiguresIf I was more accomplished with watercolor,a quick, spontaneously loose image would have emerged.  Not to be.  Instead of trashing the painting, which became overworked and stiff, I opted to tear and paste some collage elements, basically covering up the least desirable areas of the painting.  Using magazine type as texture, I slathered bits onto the surface with matte medium.  The results are frequently to my liking if I can tolerate the nasty build up of the dried medium on my fingers.  As is customary with my collages, the final application included some mark making with ebony and colored pencils.

Some details of the piece better exhibit the use of magazine type on both the trees and background.  The sepia detail shows the different values without any added color.  In only a few months my favorite spring colors will reappear in the landscape.  For now, any deviation from the monotone grays is a welcomed sight.

Stick Figures Detail Sepia Detail, Stick Figures

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2 Responses to Stick Figures

  1. Very creative! I love the way this looks. Your tree scenes have depth!

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