Bella and I enjoyed a brisk walk in the park today. We were happy that the temperature was above freezing and the wind was not too wild.  Yesterday Bella wore a sweater and a coat, and I had double layers covering me, as well.  Since we frequently take the same path,  it can get a little boring for me this time of the year.  The surrounding landscape dons its winter look.  With no foliage, the trees are bare and cold.  It doesn’t seem to bother Bella, but she and her nose are close to the ground in hopes of catching a whiff of a fellow critter’s scent.

Today I passed the home occupied by the park superintendent and his family.  I got a good look at the nearby garage which earlier today became the subject for a watercolor painting. ImageUnfortunately, in the painting I elongated the building and made it lower to the ground than it is in reality.  I guess working from a small photograph didn’t help.  Although I left some foliage in the background, the trees in the foreground focus on the trunks, minus their leaves.  The photograph was taken this past fall,  probably in early October.  In contrast to its present lack of brilliance, the park was then still lush with green and beginning to amaze us with outrageous earth tones of red,  orange and yellow. The garage is surrounded by trees and a very steep hill.  Shadows dance across the building all year long.  The play of light and dark attracted me to the scene, and has become the emphasis for the painting.

Although I enjoy the change of climate and don’t mind the cold temperatures, I do look forward to walking in the park when it has its colors back.

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