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Recently I received a notice from WordPress that I had been writing my Circuitous Journey Blog for two years.  Since before Thanksgiving I have been ignoring any motivation to create art or contribute to my blog, or much of anything that didn’t revolve around holiday business.  Most (really all) of the holiday preparations have fallen in my lap, mostly because I am usually the one to plan and cook the meals, bake the massive amounts of cookies, buy and wrap the presents, decorate the house, produce and address the cards, pack and send the packages…no, wait, my husband did accompany me to the Post Office once, and go once without me!  Somehow I manage to keep my sanity if all goes as planned. Preferring to tackle as much of the holiday hoopla in advance, I try to cook and freeze meal components, shop all year round for gifts and generally lighten the load where I can. If I could delegate some of these responsibilities, my husband would certainly help.  I’m just not sure what I am willing to give up.

All the work was worth seeing our children. Our son Michael, his wife, Melissa and our daughter, Michele came to our home to celebrate our Christmas holiday with us.  It doesn’t get much better than that. My brother Ray lives nearby, so he was also in attendance, and later in the week my nephew Julian (my brother’s son) and his family also came to join us for a meal. Ray’s partner Pam returned from her family celebration in Massachusetts to join us that evening, too. Once everyone was gone and things returned to whatever is normal around here, I relaxed and thought about getting back to making some art.

SAM_3482My cousin Joan, who visited a few weeks before Christmas, gave me a wonderful  handmade book from Nepal crafted from a lokta plant. SAM_3483 She also gave me a box of origami paper, thinking I would find a way to incorporate them into my collages.  I liked the idea of a continuous collage, one that moves from page to page as the image transforms.

One of my first posts two years ago used images cut from Christmas cards. Not surprisingly, that image had birds in it.  My beginning entries into my handmade paper book used many of this year’s Christmas cards.  Again, the birds make an appearance. I’m not entirely sure where these images will lead me this year. I have scanned them, plan to print them and recycle them into a larger piece.  For now it just feels good to return to my circuitous journey.

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