For the Birds

Moving In

Moving In

Woodrow and FriendThe holiday season requires that most of my time be spent on the usual shopping, baking, cooking, decorating, wrapping and mailing associated with our Christmas traditions.  After a wonderful Thanksgiving week spent with our daughter, my brother, his partner and my husband’s cousin and wife from Italy, I was ready to take on the next preparations so that we might enjoy the same level of cheer in December.

Last SpringIn addition to the preparatory activities I have taken on an exercise regime (actually just daily walking at this point) and a commitment to learn a bit of Italian with the help of a Rosetta Stone program.  A little sad that I have no time to create any art, I still continue to photograph the birds at our feeders.  The one constant in my day is the guaranteed joy I experience while watching all the birds that enjoy the seeds and suet I provide for them.Bet You Can't Eat Just One A thoughtful friend sent us an early Christmas gift for the birds.  A window suction feeder with special seeds hangs on our kitchen window.  All day long a group of chickadees take advantage of the new supply of gourmet seeds.Pileated ProfileSpring VisitMy cats spend hours watching all the activity and I believe their focusing on the birds may have something to do with the Christmas tree still standing.Want toPlay?

This will probably be my last post for December.  It is dedicated to the many birds that brighten my days.  Happy Holidays! Don’t forget to feed the birds.Last Winter

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2 Responses to For the Birds

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Great series! Love the woodpeckers!

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