Waning Woodlands

The local businessman who owns a great deal of land surrounding our neighborhood hired a crew to thin out his wooded property.  As in any rural setting the sight of creating a logging road and beautiful trees piled up at the roadside strikes fear into the local population.  Having noticed activity this past spring and summer in the area, my  husband questioned the men surveying the woods about upcoming events.  Satisfied that although some black walnut and cherry trees would be harvested for use as lumber,  the thinning of the woods was an effort to remove diseased trees and also provide the necessary room for the healthy trees to grow.  No development was expected.  Nature would be respected and our natural setting would be undisturbed.  A neighbor who knows the landowner vouched for him and felt confident no plans for new buildings were in the future.  Liking our wooded perimeter, we were relieved to know that new construction would not be popping up.

This morning two neighbors from down the hill telephoned to see if we had any information on the project.  After relating the above, both seemed satisfied and relieved that the plan was implemented in order to maintain the wooded property and not to sell or develop it.  Once the large logs were placed at the edge of the road, I couldn’t resist photographing them.    My attraction to the earth tone palette and circular forms is as strong as ever.  Taking a break to go on my daily trek with my dog Bella to the park, I returned to find the logs being loaded onto a truck.  They were gone before I could return to photograph the new additions.  Waning woodlands will have us all hoping that the remaining trees will continue to flourish and grow.  The weekend should be quieter; day long sawing can get to be a nuisance and I look forward to a more peaceful weekend in our sparsely populated neck of the woods.

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