My Great Blue Heron Photo Collection

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All these photographs were screen captures from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology web cam of the Great Blue Heron Nest at Sapsucker Pond.  Previous posts have spoken of my experience collecting and combining images as subject matter for watercolor paintings.  As I looked through my collection  I became fond of some of the highlights from the many hours I have spent with these birds via my computer.  It doesn’t quite compare to getting shots of the birds in real life.  I do not take credit alone for my results since the operators of the web cameras certainly provided angles and close-ups for us to see and capture.

As the weeks went by, the lens of the cameras on the nests became covered with dirt and many of the shots appear blurred.  To me this lends an impressionistic painterly edge to the forms and pushes me to explore more watercolor and pastel paintings.  I did promise my readers that I was taking a break from the birds and will return to these images sometime in the future as subjects for art.

I still enjoy looking back at the chicks as they developed into their adult forms.  Towards the end of the gallery of photos there is one shot of the last fledgling leaving the tree limb.  He was the only one I actually saw on his initial flight away from the nest.  Some of the frantic feeding photos are also blurred and chaotic.  Feedings rarely took more than a second or two and were difficult to capture.  The close-up profiles and one frontal view facing the lens are among my favorites.

In many of the photos the herons look a lot like dinosaurs.  I know there is a connection, but each time they looked prehistoric I found myself surprised.  The Red-tailed Hawk photo collection will be up next.  I hope you enjoy this collection and also forgive the many photographic imperfections.  The intention and motivation was simply to gather resources for artwork.

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5 Responses to My Great Blue Heron Photo Collection

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Amazing photos and information about my favorite bird! Well done!

    • Thanks! Since they are screenshots they are not of the quality I would like, but I never would have had a chance to get these shots with a camera. Most of this activity took place high up in the nests. I felt like a combination of a peeping Tom and their grandmother!

  2. I lived in upstate NY before moving to Florida, and always found it fascinating that I could go back and forth most of the year, and see the Great Blues, Little Green Herons, and Egrets in both New York State and here. In the fall, I always wondered how much longer they’d last up there before heading south.

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