Great Blue Heron or Not

Here is my last attempt to paint one of many photographs I took during visits to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology web cam featuring the Great Blue Heron nest at Sapsucker Pond.  I’m really not sure if this was a parent or a fledgling perching on the branch in the pond.  Again, I  have taken liberties with the painting of the Heron.  The photograph didn’t show a nuptial plume, although that may indicate that it was the mother Heron, as she lost hers in an altercation with some other attacking birds.  My painting has a plume.  This is a smaller painting (14″ X 18″) and I found that this size limited the freedom I enjoyed using a larger (18″ X 24″) surface.  It is definitely time for me to move onto some other subject matter and for now my Heron and Hawk paintings will be put on hold.  Maybe they will show up down the road in a collage.  I still have many unexplored images that deserve attention and in this circuitous journey I believe that would be okay.

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5 Responses to Great Blue Heron or Not

  1. theartmotel says:

    Love all your bird paintings!

  2. Phil Lanoue says:

    That is outstanding. Love the GBH!

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