Hummingbird Buzz

My hummingbird feeders attract fairly frequent visits from at least two hummingbirds.  Not exactly the largest number of all the species in our yard, but a few is better than none.  Almost every time I glance out the window or door one can be seen buzzing around the porch and stopping for a drink of nectar.  My camera sits waiting for one of the photo opportunities but I never seem to be there at just the right time.  Today, as I replaced the nectar with a clean refill, two little birds were flitting about ready for some fresh brew.  I did get one out of focus shot of one of them, but after waiting patiently for a return I gave up and decided to try again later. It is easy to understand why birders are so fascinated with these petite and hardworking birds. They are beautiful and fast and sometimes even friendly.

This summer has  been artistically unproductive for me.  Images of Red-tailed Hawks that I collected from the Cornell web cam of the nesting activities of Big Red,  Ezra and their three hawklets remain unused and awaiting my attention.  Not sure whether to begin a painting or a collage has been my excuse to begin nothing.  Abandoning the hawk images for a day when I might be more up for the challenge, I returned to a collage of circles punctuated by a rufous hummingbird.  The circles represent the unending motion and path of the hummingbirds.  Having not seen a Rufous Hummingbird, I do enjoy the Ruby-throated visitors to our yard.  Occasionally I see the male with his red throat.  More often the female shows up with her less flashy,  greenish feathers.  They move so quickly it is sometimes difficult to get a good look at these tiny creatures and even more difficult to get a good photograph.  Searching for their tiny nests has also been a fruitless venture.  I will persevere and continue in my quest to capture images of these wondrous birds before they head south for the winter.  

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