Scribbling on Woodrow

As frequently happens with collage, the end result develops into a totally different direction and end product.  Having already used my Pileated Woodpecker photos for a watercolor and a collage, I decided to utilize a few leftovers for one more collage.  What initially started as an image to use both commercially printed scrap booking backgrounds with my computer print birds ended up as a surface literally buried under gesso and pencil textures.  Totally underwhelmed with the original composition, I decided to build up textures and contrast with a more energetic, haphazard application of cross-hatched and scribbled ebony pencil.  Somehow the first composition still emerged through the layers.  A much more subtle variation of the beginnings of this collage seemed to be an improvement along with its less formulaic, textured background.

Thinking that I had pretty much exhausted my Pileated Woodpecker images, I changed the position of the feeder that holds his suet.  A new profile pose of Woodrow showing his right side managed to interest me enough to take a few more photographs.  Although it probably won’t turn into another  art attempt it is nice to see another side of him.

My recent addiction to watching the bird cams on the nests of Great Blue Heron and Red-tailed Hawks will hopefully turn into a source of new subject matter.  I might have to visit Sapsucker Pond for some real life inspiration and also figure out how to capture images from the live bird cams.

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