Warhol-esque Woodrow

Having collected many camera images of our friend Woodrow, a Pileated Woodpecker who visits our suet feeder multiple times daily, I decided to make some prints in varying poses and colors to use in a collage.  Adhering the printed images with matte medium causes a pleasant bleeding of the colors onto the backing paper.  I first discovered this when working on some hand collages.  After selecting four poses of Woodrow  perched on the chalet feeder,  I used a Paint program to manipulate the color tint, brightness and saturation.  Woodrow’s full beauty, in my opinion is best captured when he is in profile.

Once I cut,  arranged and glued the pieces to the watercolor block an Andy Warhol inspired composition evolved.  The tree was built up with torn pieces of varying colored backgrounds cut away from the birds.  A little drawing with colored pencils and ebony pencil was applied to emphasize the parts that got a little lost in the busy textures and colors.

It was enjoyable to get back to some art work and create a bird image after spending much time watching the Bird Cams on the Red-tailed Hawk and Great Blue Heron Nests.  The third hawk egg hatched today and although I missed it,  hopefully a video was captured and we will be able to see the whole process.  Big Red (mother hawk) and Ezra (father hawk) share nesting duties.  Watching the vole, pigeon and rat carcasses arrive for the feedings is definitely not as warm and fuzzy as the baby hawklets.

Within the next week the Great Blue Heron hatchings should take place.  Both web bird cams can be seen thanks to the Cornell Ornithology Lab.  Watching the Great Blue Herons on the pond at Sapsucker Woods and also watching the Red-tailed Hawks upon their nest in a bustling part of the Cornell Campus has been addictive.  I really need to start doing something else.

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