Mini Collage Blocks

For the past few weeks I have been busy collecting small images for mini collages glued to small wood blocks.  The blocks measure about 2½ by 3½ inches or 3 by 4 inches.  This smaller format differs in more than size from my bigger collages.  Most of the finished pieces depend totally on arranging cut pieces of paper and images which are then glued in place on the block.  Unlike my larger collages, there is no texture build up, painting or drawing involved.  Although there is some layering of papers, these small arrangements rely on the juxtaposition of existing colors and textures found on stickers, calendars, boxes and magazine clippings.  Using spray adhesive allows for a smoothly bonded surface.  Matte medium seals the papers and acrylic paint finishes the raw wood edges.

These thirty blocks are mostly comprised of images of cats, birds, crows, vintage advertising posters, Japanese prints and some miscellaneous objects.  Words and numbers, usually not meant to be legible,  are also used.  I like to combine the text and imagery in order to create contrast and movement on the surface.  Repetition of elements unites the areas of the collage.

Not having any interest in selling these little arrangements and not sure anyone would actually pay for these, I decided to fill the shelf under a glass top coffee table with an arrangement of all the collages.  This display area changes frequently.  It has exhibited a sea shell collection, photo albums, pottery, magazines and other small items.  My house has no particular design theme.  I think it has evolved into something beyond eclectic.

Some might say the decor is more clutter than anything else.  Our house will continue to be filled with things that appeal to our visual sense and make us happy.  An abundance of art, books, pottery, glass, basketry and wood fill our space.  The exhibits rotate often.  Change is good and  variety keeps things interesting.

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