That’s a Lot to Crow About

Crow ShowA very long time ago a student of mine offered my husband a crow to keep as a pet.  On many levels I knew this was a bad idea.  First of all, it didn’t seem to me that a crow was pet material.  They are known to hang out in fairly large groups.  This crow was not going to be happy alone at our house.  We lived in a neighborhood with little natural space left.  I couldn’t imagine a crow living in a cage inside our house and the outdoor environment also seemed to be less than perfect.  My husband has a lot of favorites.  I guess this stems from his many interests.  Crows have been on the list of favorites for as long as I have known him…that along with the smell of skunk, which I don’t think I will ever understand.  The fascinations with crows is more understandable.  They are an impressive species.  Problem solvers, creative thinkers and resourceful, crows are interesting to watch.  They help clean up road kill.  Certainly that alone should earn them some points for likability.  Luckily, the crow never joined our family, although Elwood (RIP) thought Ron and the crow were a perfect match.

Recently an event was planned not far from where we live that advertised cash prizes for the most crows killed at a crow shoot.  As expected, much public outcry developed.  A Cornell professor sponsored an informational public seminar at the town’s library in opposition to the planned event.  As far as I know, both events took place simultaneously, but no information about the outcome of the crow shoot was to be found in our local newspaper.  An interesting article from the Ithaca Journal was published afterwards. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology also provides helpful resources online fostering understanding about the American Crows.

Apparently crows get a bad rap with the general population.  Maybe this is based on superstition, like the bias that exists for black cats.  Maybe farmers found them to be a nuisance.  I’m really not sure of the crow’s back story.  For whatever reasons, crows have not received their fair share of bird lovers.

Keeping this in mind, and as a frequent fan of the under dog,  my latest collage used the American Crow as a theme.  I completed it in record time.  Possibly my new found interest in birds was a motivating factor.  The fact that I have been creatively lazy for the past week may have also contributed to the speed with which I finished the collage.  Hopefully my written and visual efforts will assist the crow in gaining some long overdue respect.

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  1. I LOVE CROWS TOO! Great collage!

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