Finishing Up

Yesterday the crew from KC Construction was busy installing new fascia and soffits around the perimeter of our house.  Today they have returned to hang the new seamless gutters and Gutter Pro covers, along with the necessary downspouts.  Our house has been without gutters for a number of years. It is about time we dealt with the issue, hoping our neglect hasn’t created too much damage to our foundation.  Gutter Pro  is a clog free water management system using the patented ProBracket which offers superior strength and support, making this system extremely durable.  Since we are surrounded by wooded areas we get to enjoy the beauty of the large trees.  We also get to deal with the many leaves which land around and atop our house.  Hopefully this costly home improvement will take care of the need for Ron to get up on a ladder to free the gutters of the leafy matter.  Unfortunately our sun room will not sport these new gutters.  Since the roof would need to be drilled for installation, our warranty would become void on the room.  Instead we will purchase the big box store cheap versions of gutter covers.  No doubt the leaves will collect on top of them, but we are hoping it will be easier to clean a cover rather than scoop out the debris.  Gutter Pro also reduces the incidence of icicles.  I was so looking forward to the gutter above our sun room back door being icicle free.  Looks like those daggers will still be forming there.  My early morning visits to the back yard with Bella require a carefully opened door and a broomstick to knock them down before they impale us.  Never a dull moment.

While the crew is working quickly to finish the job and get paid, I decided to finish up the last four collage blocks.  I used a heavier weight paper and the matte medium caused less wrinkling than it did yesterday.  The edges of the blocks would probably look better painted and eventually I will finish that also.   Hopeful that my visits to the Salvation Army may lead me to a shadow box frame, I also envision these blocks being displayed together.  Not great artistic achievements by any means,  making the block collages did help to divert my attention away from the banging and crashing sounds taking place outside.  Actually I just discovered one of the crashing sounds came from inside the house.  My lighthouse clock in the sun room fell to the floor.  Nothing appears to be broken.  I would certainly miss the sound of the fog horn chimes at the top of each hour.

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  1. Loretta says:

    Time to open your Etsy Shop!!!

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