Mini Collage Blocks

The internet has provided another way to prevent me from exercising more than my eyeballs and fingers.  A new (at least to me) sharing website called Pinterest is a visual encyclopedia designed to make the old fashioned bulletin board unnecessary.  Back in the day a bulletin board allowed artists and designers to pin up ideas, inspirations and variations during the design process in order to keep them organized and available.  I’m sure many of these boards are still in use.   My basement does have room for a board, but since I do most of my work in the well lit sun room, a downstairs board would be rather inconvenient.

I do spend a fair amount of time clipping magazines for visual components I might use in my collages.  They end up in a plastic bin which makes it difficult to relocate pieces in this collection.  Pinterest allows the user to create boards and pin ideas to them.  In this pinning process I try to only re-pin images that show an original source.  I believe in copyright laws and hope that other users respect them when compiling their new boards on Pinterest.  A visual reminder or board is readily available on your own page.  Exploring, or following other members and friends multiplies the availability and compiles even more viewing pleasure.  Beware, as this process of collecting and pinning requires quite a bit of time sitting at the computer.  I prefer to check in daily, but try to limit the time spent searching.    It is a process that burns very few calories.

In one of my searches to gather images of mixed media collages by other artists I came across an Esty site by an artist who created small collages on wood blocks.  Her pieces drew upon her fascination with lace, sewing, and vintage imagery.  The idea appealed to me and after my husband cut me some 3 x 5 inch blocks of wood I began to arrange on this much smaller format.  In my scrap bin some stickers surfaced and worked particularly well since they were a heavier weight paper than my magazine clippings.  After using both, the sturdier papers wrinkled less and seemed a better fit for the project.  Tomorrow is another day and this new exploration will hopefully continue.  Since the size of each piece is small I am able to work on more than one at a time.  Using paint and including drawing seems like a logical progression.  As always, time will tell.

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