Night Owl

In a previous post “Demitasse”  I describe Demi, the only female cat still alive in our animal family.  Demi suffers from an oral disease called plasma cell stomatitus.  The cat’s gums become very inflamed and as in Demi’s case most of the teeth are removed.  This is a chronic disease usually treated with the steroid prednisolone.  This treatment has kept Demi relatively comfortable, but like all steroids there is a great risk to other healthy functioning when the drug is taken long term.  Demi still eats both wet and dry food and takes her doses of prednisolone and antacid in Pill Pockets.  For those of you unfamiliar with this product, the pill pocket is a soft, poultry or fish flavored material the consistency of new play dough.  It easily wraps around the pill and most cats are enthusiastic about eating it.  Pilling most cats is an unpleasant task- one requiring many band-aids and a stronger will than the cat patient.  I have never been successful in this pursuit, so once my vet suggested the pockets and I tried using them my life became less complicated.  It seems as if I always have at least one pet taking pills.

At any rate, Demi is going through a rough patch at this point.  She has had blood work done and I await the results.  In the meantime she eats fairly well although exhibits stressful picking at her mouth afterwards.  She has made her gums bleed while trying to address her pain.  It is difficult to watch any animal suffer, but I have been lucky that she seems to get through the morning and afternoon feeding and continues to nap and bird watch as is normal for all my cats.

Demi is the cat responsible for waking me in the morning.  This usually happens around 4:50 AM.  Since I am retired it seems such a pity that I never get to sleep in.  Luckily I can also nap with the cats whenever I please.  The morning routine involves Demi jumping onto the bedside end tables, running over me and leaping onto the dresser.  There she inspects everything and knocks things around.  If that doesn’t get me up she returns to the end table and knocks the phone or the remote onto the floor.  By then I am awake and realizing there is little hope of me getting back to sleep.  You might ask why I don’t just close the door and throw the cat out of the bedroom?  Good question, but unfortunately by the time I am out of bed to do this we now have three more cats happy to see it is almost time for breakfast.  A closed door is only an invitation to scratch and pound.  Yes, the cats have trained me.  If only I could sleep through all the noise.  Not happening.  Demi’s fondness for the wee hours of the morning has given her yet another nickname.  She has formerly been known as  “The Inspector.”  Now it seems more fitting to call her  “The Night Owl.”  My affection for Demi is probably another reason why I indulge her behavior.  She is the only cat left who will sit on my lap.  Fearing that she might not last for too much longer I will continue to enable her pre-dawn demands.  One of these days I hope to see an owl in the trees behind our house.  I’m sure Demi has already spotted one.

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