Cat’s Eye View

While I was pleased that our whole house generator arrived today it seemed as if the switch install required a lot of time…five hours in which the electricity was turned off.  It did get a little chilly inside at somewhere around 63°F.  The first few hours in the late morning didn’t seem too bad while I sketched for another painting with watercolor gouache.  Although the theme of birds and cats remained, this image focuses on Nebbiolo, my cat, and his ridiculously long and curled tail.  The bird reappears (the focal point of “Dinner?!,” my last post) but is now smaller and perched on Nebbiolo’s long tail.

The cat’s hind legs in the painting seem somewhat disproportionate, but,  in fact, when Nebbiolo is standing with his rear legs fully extended he appears to be on stilts.  His unusual physique gives him impressive leaping potential and a striking silhouette.  Nebbiolo is actually a totally black cat.  I have taken some liberties with his color in order to accentuate his form.  As the painting neared completion I realized  the inside temperatures were affecting my abilities to control the paint brushes.  Nebbiolo (the real life version) was feeling the chill, as well, and could be found under the covers of one of the beds in our guest room.  As cold as I was, I’m guessing the electricians working outside and in our usually frigid basement were even colder.  A few more hours on Monday and a plumber to hook up the generator to our gas supply should have us fully protected against any future power outages.  I anticipate peace of mind when we have extreme weather or as is the case more frequently, an inexperienced or drunk driver failing to negotiate the curves on our road.  On more than one occasion a telephone poll has been taken out along with our electricity…not a huge inconvenience but also not fun when the water well pump can not function to provide water for flushing toilets.  In the end this generator will allow everything powered in our home to resume and continue running.  It should keep my hands warm or cool enough to function when drawing or painting.  Life is good.

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