The thermometer reads 29 or 30 but it felt much colder to my hands and feet as I tended the bird feeders this afternoon.  As mentioned in my last post, there have been many birds visiting the yard in search of tasty treats in the colder weather.  Unfortunately, one bird guest became the dinner of another.  We have spotted a hawk in the neighborhood and although I did not witness this event we suspect the massive collection of greyish tan feathers and a spattering of blood was the work of a hungry hawk.  This aftermath only became obvious when I went outside with my dog Bella.  Bella headed right for the crime scene to investigate.  The area was bird free for a few hours; could it be birds sense danger and steer clear of its path?

The pile of feathers still remains.  I probably should clear the area since even 50 MPH winds last night did not remove the evidence.  Possibly warmer weather will motivate me.  Not a big fan of the survival of the fittest food chain animal shows, I guess the sometimes crueler side of nature must keep the balance.  Still, the thought of picking up little feathers marked with blood does not appeal to me.

My gouache painting is a more playful version of the dinner theme.  A metal candle holder modeled for the bird portrait and the cat beneath the tree somewhat resembles my cat Nebbiolo.  Nebbs is a great indoor hunter of twist ties, rubber bands and pencils.  With Ninja-like skill he swoops in for the kill before I even notice his presence.  The one time Nebbiolo escaped out the back door it became evident that he had interest in expanding his limited indoor existence.  I suppose his bird watching experience is just not as satisfying as he would like.  Now we are more careful when entering and exiting the house.  Nebbiolo might just be waiting for his big chance to eat out.

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  1. I LOVE this so much!!! Joy in the way of the artist! YAY!!!

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