Color it Autumn

The autumnal season stirs up happy memories of childhood experiences from that time: back to school, roller skating, bike riding, Halloween and Thanksgiving to name a few. The colors, scents and tastes of autumn are also strong reminders of the fall season.  I have always been attracted to the warm, earthy colors of autumn.  We lived with a deep russet red carpet in our New Jersey home for a great many years.  When the carpet finally needed to go we chose to refinish the beautiful original oak floors in the living and dining rooms.  The warm glow from the wood still provided me with the backdrop of colors that mean home to me. It comes as no surprise that the colors in our present living room follow this old pattern. Brown, ocher, red-orange and all their different values connect to the memory of scented cinnamon, spices and apples baking in the oven.

This autumn has reaped an abundance of locally grown apples.  Each week I look forward to selecting a different variety to bring home.  Pears also remind me of this season which gradually escorts us from summer to winter.  To me, snappy, tart apples and juicy, ripe pears provide some of the best flavors available.

On a bit of a hiatus from collage exploration, I decided it was time to return to my artistic adventure.  The September, October and November issues of Martha Stewart’s “Living” magazine  became the source of inspiration for this piece.   Working on a larger 18″ X 24″ surface gave me the opportunity to incorporate more images onto the surface.  Pears and apples make an appearance along with the earth tones I like so much.  Texture, my favorite art element, also plays a big role in this piece.  No surprise.

So, as I enjoy the return of chilly,  sweater-wearing temperatures, the falling of leaves, crisp apples and cinnamon,  knowing the nearness of winter is not far away lurks in the back of my mind.  This past winter ushered in a renewal of my journey as an artist.  Cold, grey, snowy days will hopefully allow me to continue to devote uninterrupted time in this pursuit.  In the meantime I will savor the flavor and color of autumn in Central New York.

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