Apple Season

The Farmers Market still has plenty of apples for sale.  I must say they are prettier than the somewhat irregular shaped apples that our tree produced.  It would have been a good idea to draw and paint some of these beauties, but they don’t last long sitting on our counter.  I have a daily apple which I cut in half, core and fill with peanut butter and raisins.  It takes a long to time eat this nutritious treat and I must admit it satisfies the need for a sweet snack or dessert.

On my last visit to the Farmers Market I took photographs of the many colorful stands of produce.  One in particular seemed to be a good subject for a watercolor painting.  After spending too much time trying to get the forms and the color accurate, the painting became overworked and dull.  There is no substitute for drawing and painting from observation of the real thing.  Ready to trash the lackluster work, I instead opted to break out the ebony pencil and try to bring it back to life.  What evolved was a mixed media piece that I can live with.  Not exactly an endorsement of its success, but at least it didn’t hit the recycle bin.  This is one case where the digital version looks better than the real thing.

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