Japanese Character

Almost three weeks ago I posted a collage which was the last artistic effort before preparations for our trip to NJ to attend the wedding of our son Michael and his long time girlfriend, Melissa.  The weekend was wonderful; I am still looking at all the photographs taken during the celebrations.  We hosted the rehearsal dinner at Cafe Gallery in Burlington, NJ, a restaurant owned by three dear friends.   The weather cooperated and we had a lovely cocktail hour outside before taking our seats in a dining room with a great view of the Delaware River.  The food and company was excellent.  The wedding the following day was even more special as family and friends gathered to witness and celebrate the marriage of these two special young adults.  Michael and Melissa planned the event and in my biased opinion it couldn’t have been any better.

After the wedding my sister-in-law invited us to her home to relax and eat some more delicious food.  Matt, a close friend and groomsman joined us at Judi’s home after the wedding.  He was the guest who had traveled the furthest- all the way from Japan.  As always, it was delightful to see him.  Matt arrived with gifts in hand from Japan for me and my husband.   He brought us a yummy box of caramels, packaged in a typically colorful and artistic box along with a beautiful batik cloth (right) wrapped in what I think may have been paper printed with Matt’s photographs.  A white paper bag with Japanese characters held it all.  As is my custom, I saved all the paper materials for later use in a collage.

Returning home I had the pleasurable company of my cousin Joan for the rest of the week.  We hadn’t shared any time together for a long time and it was great fun to hang out, visit some area highlights, eat, drink and relax with her.  Her visit ended all too soon, but hopefully we will reconnect here in NY or in Florida where she lives.  Joan is the reason we now live in this area, since she lived here back in the seventies, luring my brother and his family to the area, as well.  Our daughter attended college here and those early memories cemented a fondness for the Finger Lakes.  The rest is history.

Apples on our tree are ready for picking and I have begun my usual pie baking, applesauce making and search for new recipe ideas for this year’s crop.  I really didn’t have much time to devote to creating art or collages lately and today it seemed like a good time to get busy again.  After dragging all my supplies up from the basement I starting cutting up my new Japanese inspirations.  Since I ran out of 12” X 16” Arches watercolor paper, I moved onto a larger pad of 18” X 24.”  The larger surface worked out well since I had a considerable amount of materials to use.

The kimono influence once again surfaced.  I thought I was done with the image, but it seemed a natural way to go.  Hopefully Matt will collect more boxes and wrappings and I will have an even bigger supply of images to work with.  I regret not scanning the bag and box, but will remember to do this with any future Japanese packaging.  Wegman’s does carry candy from Asia;  I’ll be checking to see if any is from Japan.

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