Cake Balls, Mickey and Minnie

This week brought a short but fun visit from our daughter.  She left with friends on a trip to London from an airport close to us.  Apparently that was the only connection that was on time.  They ended up losing a day of vacation due to a cancelled flight and a rescheduled jaunt to Chicago (yes that would mean going west to go east) before finally boarding the plane which eventually got them to their destination.

The  morning of the first departure day was spent learning how to make cake balls under the VERY specific direction of my daughter, who is an expert and experienced cake ball creator.  As an aside, it should be noted that I spent my entire career teaching, displaying a reasonable amount of patience towards my students.  It should also be noted that my daughter has taught for eleven years and also taps into her ability to be patient with learners.  Knowing this, I find it amusing that she quickly accuses me of being challenged specifically when I am to perform exactly as she has demonstrated.  I did manage to follow her directions and eventually got more comfortable with the correct and only way to create these balls of fat and calories.  My future daughter-in-law, Melissa, has shown a fondness for these particular sweets.  She likes the chocolate cake and chocolate coating the best.  When I offered to help her sister with the bridal shower, I was asked to bring some of Melissa’s favorite cake balls.  Since Michele was going to miss the shower due to her travels, we thought it would be nice to somehow involve her with the preparations.  I now have one batch of fifty-six balls to bring to the shower.  They are tightly wrapped and in the refrigerator waiting for the trip to NJ next weekend.  Once I get a head count of the attendees, I may attempt another batch on my own.  There could be yelling.  These treats are not terribly difficult to make, but there are a lot of steps, waiting for things to chill, melt, etc.  The dipping into the melted chocolate is the tricky part of the preparation.  As I was informed, it is UNACCEPTALE to get any cake crumbs in the melted chocolate.  You must also be quick to deposit them onto a drying surface and generously sprinkle them with decorations IMMEDIATELY if you want them to actually stick.  It is a messy procedure, as well.  Lots of dipping, rolling, covering, tapping off of excess gooey chocolate and in general more steps than I would prefer to be doing.  But these are for Melissa and I know it will help to make her day special.  Melissa is possibly the only person I know who is thin enough to eat these without too much fear of weight gain.  I will just look at them.

Our son Michael has been dating Melissa since they were seniors in high school.  They both worked at CVS, but didn’t really make any moves until their senior trip to Disney World.  This was nine years ago.  They stayed together through college, after college and will wed this summer.  A few vacations together brought them back to Disney World and they will also be returning for their honeymoon.  Melissa is also a collector of all things Disney.  My frequent trips to the Salvation Army have yielded a large number of Disney items.  I decided in addition to our shower gift from their Disney Honeymoon Registry I would do a watercolor painting of Minnie and Mickey.  For now it will probably hang somewhere by her collectible smalls.  Later on, if they start a family, it could easily become a nursery decoration.  Hopefully she will like it.

Two of the stuffed animals I recently found at the Salvation Army store modeled for the painting.  At some later date Melissa will add these to her collection.  I think she might have enough Mickeys and Minnies.  I’ll be looking for some of their friends in the future.

Chocolate Cake Balls   (makes about 5 dozen)
1   box chocolate cake mix (eggs, oil, water as directed on box)
1   16 oz  tub chocolate icing
2   12 oz. bags of semi-sweet (or milk chocolate, or white chocolate) morsels
Sprinkles or decorations of your choice (any cake and icing flavor will work, i.e. red velvet cake, cream cheese icing)

Strongly suggest using a Wilton Chocolate Pro melter as it has temperature controls that keep the chocolate warm

1.     Bake cake according to box directions.  Cool on wire rack.
2.    Crumble cake with hands into large bowl
3.    Mix icing into cake crumbs with sturdy wooden spoon or spatula.  You might not need the whole container of icing…start by using ¾ of it and adding more to make a moist, even mixture.
4.    Cool in refrigerator for at least one hour.
5.    Using a melon ball scoop (small version of old fashioned ice cream scoop with spring action blade that ejects melon) scoop enough cake/icing mixture to form a ball about an inch in diameter.  Roll even with hands.  This gets messy; wash and dry hands for easier rolling.
6.    Place balls on parchment or wax paper on a cookie sheet or pan (I suggest pan with shallow lip to avoid balls rolling off)
7.    Refrigerate for an hour or freeze for 30 minutes.
8.    Melt chocolate morsels… start with 1.5 bags…add as needed.  Once melted and smooth turn the switch from ‘melt’ to ‘warm.’  A double boiler can also be used.
9.     Using 2 plastic spoons, dip each ball into the chocolate, making sure to cover totally.
10.  Transfer to second plastic spoon and gently tap on edge of melter to shake off excess chocolate from spoon.  Scrape back of spoon towards yourself to remove excess drips.
11.  Place ball on parchment covered tray or cookie sheet…(pizza pan works well, too) lightly letting it drop off the spoon.  Keep the spoon close to the tray.
12.  Immediately sprinkle with decorations.
13.  Cool in refrigerator for at least an hour.  When chocolate has set, remove cake balls and store in zip lock bags or air tight containers.
14.  Can be frozen.


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2 Responses to Cake Balls, Mickey and Minnie

  1. Loretta says:

    SWEET AND YUMMY!!!! You will be a great mother-in-law!!! Congrats to all!!!

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