Tea Time

Since I require a jolt of caffeine in both the morning and afternoon I usually reach for a cup of coffee at those times.  Enjoying a good cup of coffee with freshly roasted beans from Gímme Coffee or Wegmans is an easy addiction to cultivate.  We have multiple means for brewing: a Cuisinart thermal grind and brew drip pot, a Keurig single serve brewer, three different sized French Press pots, two Bialetti expresso stovetop pots, and a Bialetti stovetop Mukka Express for latte and cappuccino. I am not a coffee snob and usually just reheat my afternoon cup in the microwave.  The thermal Cuisinart coffeemaker keeps the brewed coffee warm, but doesn’t continue to heat it.  Ron prefers the freshly brewed single cup with the Keurig.  He has come a long way since his bachelor days of instant coffee. Does anyone still drink that?

Coffee discussion aside, I occasionally prefer  a cup of tea in the afternoon.  Tea seems a gentler way to satisfy the caffeine dependency and is especially welcome during days when my physical well being is less than perfect.  Drinking tea, although hardly ceremonial in our house, is an activity I developed during the many years I suffered from headaches.  A cup of tea seems to soothe the aches and improve my general outlook on things.  A recent purchase from the Republic of Tea has me trying ginger peach Rooibos (caffeine free), double red Rooibos and cinnamon orange African Rooibos (caffeine free.)  Today I may switch out one of the eight ten ounce glasses of water I drink daily for a cup of the cinnamon orange.  I ordered these online and then discovered Wegmans carries them in their Nature’s Way department.

In addition to multiple coffee brewing options,  my kitchen also has more than one tea pot. Of the five that I have, two are designed with the handy built-in basket strainer for loose tea leaves.  My watercolor painting shows the first teapot I received as a gift from my cousin Joan.  Joan is the cousin who also provided me with a few dogs.  I guess she knew I would need something to calm the nerves.  This pot is earthenware and made in Japan.  The decorative pot in the painting is from Italy and is signed Fima for T.I.; this one from the treasured shelves of our local Salvation Army Family Store.  I also have a Chinese rice design white and blue ceramic tea pot, a contemporary blue matte glazed pot (with strainer) and a cute little pot from originally from Target with a bird on the handle (also purchased by me from the Salvation Army.)  This watercolor painting was another challenge for me.  I have noticed that my vision and my hands don’t always cooperate.  My hand seems to have a mind of its own.  Some the silhouettes of these symmetrical objects are less than perfect.  This type of composition also requires more control, limiting the freedom I usually prefer when painting.  I felt it was a good exercise to force myself to do something that I ordinarily would avoid.  Much like this afternoon, when I will choose to have a cup of tea in lieu of my usual reheated coffee.

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