Giant Peach

On my last Wegman’s visit I purchased four perfectly unblemished but unripe peaches. They sat in a wooden bowl on the island waiting for me to either paint or eat them. Yesterday I did both.  I must say consuming the peach was a better experience than painting it.  Giving it time to develop those sweet peachy flavors was worth the wait.  The painting, however, didn’t quite hit as many sweet notes as the peach itself.

I found that translating the fuzzy matte surface in watercolor was not very easy to accomplish.  One of the peaches in my painting seems too large for the others.  I’m not sure how that came to be, but in reality it was closer in size to the others in the arrangement.

It did feel good to abandon the collage process and return to drawing and painting. Maybe I just need to buy more peaches and give it another try.  If that doesn’t work out I can always eat them.

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