A recent Pawn Stars telecast featured a visit to the home of a Transformer collector.  The gentleman was looking to sell his massive collection in order to use the room it occupied as a nursery for his child.  An expert was called in to value the toys and to the collector’s delight it was worth a lot of money.  Unfortunately, Rick of Pawn Stars made an offer that was not accepted by the Transformer obsessed collector.  Watching the show reminded me of the many Transformer purchases we made for our son.   These toys were cleverly designed and fairly well built.  Hours of play time revolved around these changeable toys. Getting two for the price of one was not a bad bonus, either.

I decided to rework some of my earlier collages into a a format similar to the more recent pieces.  The first attempt ended up in the scrap pile.  This didn’t upset me since I really didn’t like it to begin with.  The second worked out a little better.  Colors were expanded and layered and although parts of the original composition are still evident, the new piece has been transformed.  Since I have digital images of the first incarnation, it hasn’t been completely lost.  The original is now a subtle background for the recent collage which now relates more to the direction my work is presently taking.  At this time I feel the need to draw more from real life and observation. I look forward to a little break in my collage journey and hope to also gather some inspiration for some realistic images.

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