Egg Drop

Egg DropThe busy house wrens who are preparing a nest in our bull’s head basket seem to be building a detached addition in a nearby hanging planter.  Last year we also had a nest in a hanging plant.  I carefully watered the plant as infrequently as possible, hoping the nest was high enough to avoid getting wet.  The mother bird finally had enough of my intrusions and eventually got her baby birds to leave the nest.  I’m not sure if they were really ready, but everyone seemed to have made it out safely.

I still haven’t seen any eggs this year.  The basket nest is the bird equivalent of a mansion.  It is deep,  protected and also under the porch roof.  Actually it is probably a perfect place for the female to roost.  Why they are building a little condo in the plant is beyond me.  Maybe it’s not the same bird and we will get to watch multiple couples start their families.  Or maybe it is a polygamist wren that has two sister bird wives.  There hasn’t been as much vocalizing lately.  At first I thought they just changed their minds and moved on to a better location.  Time will tell if any eggs drop or either nest becomes a home.  I will definitely post photos if anything develops.

My collage was inspired by the whole process.  The many eggs are not wren eggs, but they they were available in my scrap pile.  The diagonal lines represent the many pine needles sticking out of the basket that is holding the large nest.  The blue-gray pebbles are from our yard and leftovers from the sun room build.


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