Blueberry Hill

Yesterday Bella was overly interested in one of our cellar window wells.  In December we had the remaining replacement windows installed and the new basement windows were a huge improvement.  They all have screens now, but the particular window Bella has been visiting was unfortunately torn by one of our local rodents.  This happened sometime during the winter when either a chipmunk or squirrel was looking for warmer housing.  Luckily the window is tightly locked and whatever critter did the damage got no further than the screen.  In my attempt to distract Bella from her window watching, I got close enough to see that something had crawled through the ripped screen and was motionless next to the glass.  I assumed it was dead and called in the carcass removal director, my husband, and he assured me he would take care of it.

This morning, after Bella was still preoccupied with the area, I noticed the animal had moved.  It wasn’t dead!  Now the carcass removal director would change hats and become the animal rescue squad.  It was determined that the visitor was a small, young toad.  Removing the screen would have to take place from the inside, thus giving froggy access to a quick leap into our basement.  Since the screen was already destroyed, animal rescue decided to cut a larger opening and install a plank for said toad to hop onto and up out of the window well.  Needless to say, the toad is still thinking about his next move and going nowhere.  Bella remains steadfast in her attempt to make friends.  I am convinced someone will have to suck it up and grab the little guy and send him into the woods.  That will not be me.  The animal rescue squad will be summoned again, hopefully before it is too late and the carcass removal director must do the deed.

This rather rambling toady tale is only remotely related to my collage of the day.  There is a lot of green in the piece.  The toad was actually brown, not green, but I like green better.  A magazine advertisement for some blueberry related product caught my eye.  It became part of the bottom two thirds of the image.  At the top of the blueberry hill sits a nice little house.  Blueberries remind me of our days in NJ.  Many nearby blueberry farms there even provide our local supermarket in NY with blueberries.  There are of course blueberry farmers in central NY and later in the season one such grower will sell his berries at the Farmer’s Market.  He also produces blueberry wines (and many others) that are particularly good poured over ice cream and delicious by themselves.  I look forward to the blueberry season and might have to go and pick some this year.

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2 Responses to Blueberry Hill

  1. Great colors…some of my favorite combos! And not to mention…yummmy blueberries.
    The toad hopped away from my thoughts…so sorry!

  2. Happy to report the toad was rescued and set free in the woods!

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