Back to the Seventies

In 1974 I was a graduate student working towards a Master of Art Education degree. Most of my studio credits were earned in the Printmaking Department where I learned the silkscreen process.  It was a great experience in spite of the dangerous exposure to lacquer thinner on a daily basis.  I probably did some damage to my central nervous system and as I recall, by the time spring break came I had some pretty painful back aches.  A trip to Florida, originating for me in Rhode Island, in a Volkswagen Bug with my brother, his wife and six year old son certainly didn’t help.  My nephew and I sat in the back seat, which had all the comfort of a concrete slab.  Somehow my back pain was lessened when  I scrunched myself face down and my nephew sat on my back.  We stopped somewhere in North Carolina (or possibly South Carolina) for a pit stop/visit with my brother’s friends and a few hours sleep.  We were headed to visit my parents in sunny, warm Vero Beach, where all the preceding travel events melted away into lazy beach days and big meals with family.

Upon returning to our normal lives, I continued to work on my many silkscreen editions. Many of my prints incorporated spherical forms and a landscape format.  I still have quite a few of these prints and have used them in mixed media drawings and more recently in my collages.  Today was no exception.  Outside the rain was pelting our metal sun room roof and I was happy to be inside and working on some art.  Since the weather had been pretty nice until yesterday, I was working in the yard and planting my herb seedlings.  Art wasn’t the top priority.  Having begun my warm weather reading again also took me away from my more creative pursuits.

If there needs to be any thematic significance to this piece for my readers it could be said that my recent planting activities have inspired a return to my 1970’s landscape prints with a wish for a week with multiple days of sunlight.  Since we are again stuck in a stalled front that is producing all the rain,  it is unlikely that our landscaper will return any time soon to throw down some grass seeds.  Maybe I should just take the bag of seed we bought and sprinkle it in the mud.  I was told the seeds would not grow into anything but mold.  Of course a lot of other stuff is growing out there already and I’m pretty sure none of it is grass.

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2 Responses to Back to the Seventies

  1. loretta2 says:

    Awww…and ouch on the back seat and the back pain!!!
    It was a great and memorable trip, tho!

    • Started thinking about that trip…was it in 1974? I remember going to VB once with Ron before we got married. Maybe that was the ’74 trip and the one with you, R and J was earlier?

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