Sun Kissed

On a recent trip to my favorite thrift shop I found an old children’s book about famous composers.  I’ve been looking for an old book to use in my collages or as backgrounds for mixed media paintings.  Once I brought it home it became difficult for me to rip out pages and destroy the book.  My husband suggested I scan the pages and use computer prints. Using his idea, but not sure where this collage was going,  I started in my usual direction by tearing and gluing with matte medium.  The resulting collage was a rough landscape with too much text.  I decided to wait until today to resolve the piece, hoping for some inspiration once I slept on it.

Because I have an obvious protective nature when it comes to books,  it pleased me to receive a Kindle as a birthday gift.  Now my collection of books will take up much less space and will be limited to art related purchases and cookbooks.  Maybe I will find and use a book that is already damaged for my collages.   The prominent text in today’s piece was layered under some painting and drawing.  I also stamped some additional letter forms to add more contrast.  The finished piece reminds me of crayon batiks we used to do with elementary art classes. Though I usually don’t use black paint,  it seemed to work pretty well once it was mixed with some ultramarine blue.  It also relates well to the type and text in the scanned prints.

Spring has showered us regularly with a lot of rain.  The past week brought sunshine and nice weather days.  Hopefully my collage illustrates the warming and drying of our landscapes.   As the mud finally dried out in our backyard we noticed one spot that seems to always be wet.  At first we were excited at the possibility that it might be a natural spring.  This would be a nice backup to our present well.  Numerous wells have gone dry on our road and I live in fear that this might happen to us.  Unfortunately my husband thinks it may have more to do with an old septic system that was original to the house.  I’m hoping this is not the case.

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