Cliche but True

It’s Mother’s Day and in honor of mothers everywhere I plan to take the day to a place that makes me happy.  In my visits to Found in Ithaca, Michael’s craft store and possibly the Farmer’s Market I will look for some extravagant items that can be purchased with my gift cards that I received from my family for my birthday (thanks Judi, Ray, Pam and Michele for those.) I will continue reading my first book on Kindle (thanks to Michael and Melissa for the Kindle and Michele for the case with a handy light attached), “The Help,” put out more bird food for the squirrels to steal and maybe take a walk to the park with Bella if the weather continues to be nice.  Dinner tonight may be leftovers from last night which include escarole with cannellini beans, red quinoa salad with avocado, mushrooms with onion and either the grilled chicken thighs from last night or a new addition of grilled baby back ribs.  I think the chicken will work better for lunch and the ribs sound like a winner for dinner.

Last night I started a collage using the computer prints I had made for reference when painting my nephew’s kayak launch in watercolor.  Remembering a phrase frequently delivered by my mother, “waste not, want not,” I began tearing and gluing pieces from the prints onto a gesso tinted water and land background.  The resulting collage is similar to the composition of the watercolor painting, but this time my nephew is actually in the kayak and rowing away from the edge of the inlet.  His son actually appears to be on higher ground and in better proportion than in my previous attempt.   He was contemplating the decision to join his father on the maiden voyage and shortly after this photograph was taken did take his own kayak out on the water with the rest of the group.  It was a special day and I look forward to my nephew’s second kayak launch.  The construction of the kayak in underway and I expect his wife will man this vessel with the rest of her family close by in their kayaks.  Sometimes I wish I was more adventurous and willing to try something like this.  Along with my fear of height, bridges, and close spaces,  water is pretty high on the phobia list.  A visit to the marina found me unable to venture out on the boat docks with only a distant view of the many boats.

He who hesitates is lost.  This phrase was often heard in my formative years, usually referring to the acquisition of food served in the family style.  I have also spoken these words many times to my children and students.  Recently my daughter made the same comment to her fifth grade orchestra students during rehearsal. She clarified its meaning and relevance to musical performance.  Missing a beat will really cause you to be lost.  Count on it.

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