Change in Hand

A number of extra hand prints turned into another collage.  This one has a lot more colored pencil and ebony pencil in addition to some green tinted gesso for texture.  Initially I attempted to use multiple prints of the same hand.  Feeling as if there was too much of a good thing, I ended up adding some different poses.  Still not thrilled with the composition  I kept working on it hoping to create some more interesting areas that might distract from the repetition of the wimpy ‘jazz hands.’  I wonder if elementary school teachers still have young children trace their hands to create turkeys for Thanksgiving.  As a former art teacher I would be disappointed if this was still done.  Maybe I should turn my hands into turkeys.  Maybe they already are turkeys.

The photo program on my computer allows for editing of color saturations. Removing all saturation yields a nice black and white image.  If there isn’t enough contrast you can increase that, as well.  Isn’t technology wonderful?  I actually like it better without the colors.

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One Response to Change in Hand

  1. Nikkie says:

    My high school students always ask me if they can make turkeys when we start drawing hands. Drives me nuts!

    These are lovely! Thanks for sharing.

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