Hands On

My last hand collage (Handscape, right) was met with positive responses.  It seemed like a good idea to revisit the process I had explored.  This time I printed both black and white copies along with color copies.  In both cases the matte medium generates a certain amount of bleeding of colors on the print.  This result reminds me of watercolor coloring books for kids that create colors when a brush with water makes contact with the paper.  The experimental nature of the process appeals to me.

Once the hands were glued down and the matte medium was applied,  the paper hands wrinkled with the added moisture.  At first this bothered me, but the additional textures resembled actual wrinkles on skin.  I also remembered that the last time this happened I attempted to rub the wrinkles out and instead removed the printed image altogether.  This time I went with the flow.

Adding spheres seemed to connect the hands and also added a symbolic reason for their appearance in my collage.  I suppose the spheres or balls could be juggling props.  Life continues to be a ‘juggling act’ even though I am retired.  House, family, friends, pets, health, hobbies, and art are the things I still juggle in my attempt to balance my life.  Thinking back on the days when I worked, raised a family, and managed a big house, I realized that I rarely had time to spend on myself.  The luxury of retirement permits me to experience some of the things that I could never get to when I was younger.  I always admired my friends who seemed to make time for it all.  I don’t function well without sleep, and I know that would have been the only way to carve out some ‘me time.’

Anyway, this is the collage which is the inspiration for this post and hopefully the impetus for more in a series of handscapes.

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  1. Loretta says:

    I love this!

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