Leaning Trees

Looking to the opposite side of the lower park picnic area offers a view of a steep incline covered with trees.  This is the subject for today’s watercolor painting. The winter months take a toll on these trees and soon the damaged or fallen trees will be removed so that the area will be safer.  The hiking trail does not go past these trees, but one can’t help thinking it wouldn’t take much to send the fallen trees down the hill in a tumbling ‘pick-up-sticks’ kind of way.  The park road does go past the bottom of this treed area and I must admit it makes me a little nervous.

Still trying to capture the feeling of these landscapes with a minimum of paint and layers, I tried using more saturated colors at the beginning of the painting.  It doesn’t seem to matter; I keep layering more paint until any hope of a confidently loose,  spontaneous application is gone.  Hoping that repeated attempts will eventually yield the end product I desire, I will just keep working at it.  ‘Practice makes perfect’ might just apply sometime in the future.

Tomorrow promises to be the best weather day of the week.  A trip to the Farmer’s Market will be on the agenda.  Our fence is making progress even though inspection of the chain link fabric revealed some damaged links.  An irate landscaper returned to the local supplier to remedy the situation.  Two sides almost done; two to go plus the gate connecting the house to the garage.  Bella will be so happy to run and chase the squirrels. Another suet cage has disappeared from our yard.  That makes three for the squirrels, zip for me.

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