Lower Park Trees

We are lucky to live within walking distance to a state park.  The park and our property are separated by a parcel of land owned by a local businessman.  We are hoping the lack of city water in the area will prevent him from developing the land.  There might also be a zoning ordinance that prevents building so close to the park perimeter.  In any event, this lovely area complete with picnic grounds, swimming gorge, camp sites and playground is called the Lower Park.  About two and a half miles up the road is the Upper Park entrance.  The trail to Lucifer’s Falls is presently closed, but will open once it is deemed safe for the public.  Walking through the gorge is an incredible treat.  My fear of heights and bridges doesn’t make me a great candidate for the complete hike, but I do enjoy the sounds and sights of both the upper and lower park.

A few years ago as warm autumn days were giving way to the chill of winter, I photographed the picnic area with its many trees and strong shadows.  Another watercolor attempt today did benefit from using the frisket.  Covering the trees in order to paint the sky, foliage and ground first left nice white paper for the trees.  The vertical lines of the trees against the horizontal shadows and ground lines provided a nice contrast and balance.  Unfortunately the photograph is still better than the painting, and the real life experience is still better than the photograph.

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