Textures with Canopy

The last two collages used some watercolor technique demonstrations that were either done by me, my husband or one of my students.  I found the textures and color harmonies interesting and saved them in my collage scrap pile.  Orange, violet and blue seem to appeal to me.  Complementary colors orange and blue combine to make a wonderful, rich brown or gray depending on the proportion of either color.  Layering either transparent watercolor or colored pencils both produce these great neutrals.

This collage is more nonobjective than my others.  It reminds me again of a Japanese influence. The bed canopy might be a Japanese character.  Small silhouettes could be our children, at a much younger age.  I have no idea why they found themselves in this collage, although the colors are the most probable reason.

Finishing two collages in one day is more than I usually attempt at one time.  I think a nice cup of coffee is necessary now.  The house is still cool even though the outside temperatures have risen into the eighties again.  It would be a good day to walk Bella in the park, but a thunderstorm is sure to suddenly appear.  At least the April showers are making for a nice green lawn.

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