Artichoke Collage

A recent trip to my favorite boutique, The Salvation Army Family Store,  found me flipping through the stationery racks.  Although I already have an abundance of note cards,  some flora and fauna postcards caught my attention.  I knew they would work themselves into my collages at some point.  My favorite was a postcard featuring an artichoke.

Yesterday evening I began working on this artichoke collage.  Since there was limited daylight left it was difficult to tell how the colors were actually going to look.  In an unusual turn of events, I put it aside for the next day.  This morning the necessary changes were obvious.  The other three leaves are not related to the artichoke.  They contributed the green color and curved shapes needed to interrupt an otherwise symmetrical composition.

I also like to eat artichokes.  My mother used to cook them and my sister-in-law frequently prepared them deliciously stuffed for her holiday meals.  It may be time to buy some artichokes and give it a shot.  In the meantime the collage will remind me of how much I enjoy the taste and process of savoring each delightful leaf.

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2 Responses to Artichoke Collage

  1. Loretta says:

    Love the pencil/charcoal (?) shadow effect…and the very nice textures! Plus…all my favorite colors!

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