Boat Tour up the Lake

It took us over three years to finally take a boat tour of the lake.  The  tour leaves from the Farmer’s Market and works its way north on the lake to the half way point.  My very special friend was visiting and we decided to give this narrated tour a try.  Since the passengers are permitted to choose their own seats, we decided the best view would be at the front of the boat.  Yes, the view was great and unobstructed, but  we were headed directly into the wind, which almost did us in.  It was light jacket weather on shore, but dramatically different on the water.  We also had to contend with the loudspeaker and the engine noise.

The return trip was much more pleasant.  We were now headed into the sunlight and with the wind; a much better situation.  I took a large number of photographs, most of which didn’t do the actual experience any justice.   At the time of our tour the water sparkled with reflections from the sunlight.  Yesterday I ventured out to the craft store and purchased a bottle of “Miskit,”  a liquid frisket product made by Grumbacher.  This 1.2 fl. oz. bottle cost over $11.  Luckily I had a 30% off coupon in tow.  The frisket really helps to keep the areas white on the surface without any interruption of strokes.  When I taught I always took the abundance of supplies for granted.  Now that I am buying them, there is a lot of care to conserve.  While sweeping the floor of the sun room this morning I found my little frisket bottle on the floor by the door.   Nebbiolo (our Ninja cat) was probably practicing his soccer skills.  He usually goes for pencils and twist ties, but I carelessly left my art materials on the table.  I also found some pieces of conte crayon, which I had tucked inside my box of watercolor tubes.  I’m not sure how he got to those.

Today’s painting does remind me of our trip on the lake, minus the frigid, blowing wind and loud tour guide.

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