Nesting Bull Basket

When we purchased our retirement home the previous owner asked us if we objected to her leaving furniture, kitchen items, garage items, etc.  Since we weren’t moving right into the house and planned to renovate and visit, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Beds and chairs certainly made things easier.  Thankfully, all of the donations are now gone, with the exception of a hanging bull basket ( Mrs. W. was Spanish and returning to her homeland.)  My cow collection seemed to call out to the bull and welcome him to stick around a little longer.

Last summer during the build of the sun room, the contractor was careful not to damage our bull which hung on the siding next to our back door.  In previous years there had been bird nests inside the basket.  It was a smart place for roosting.  Close to the house, not many bigger birds or rodents would find their way into it.  To continue the tradition I hung the basket at our front door.  He dons a red velvet ribbon and has been there since last summer.

Today after bringing Bella in from a short walk I noticed there was an unusual amount of pine needles and debris on the porch floor.  When I looked up at the bull basket I noticed needles poking through the basket.  Sure enough, a bird has been busy setting up house.  I enjoy watching the baby birds.  Last year a nest was also made in a hanging planter on the front porch.  I carefully watered the plants and stopped just short of invading the nest.  Mother bird decided it was time for her babies to give flying a try.  I actually got to see the event.  Ma bird made sure to let me know she was upset with me.  There was quite a racket, but everyone made it out safely.

This little nest made my Easter Sunday special.  This is the first Easter that we have spent without either of our children in our company.  We did see our daughter last weekend, but have not seen our son and his fiancée since Christmas.  I do miss seeing them all on holidays.  This is the price we pay for moving from NJ.  Luckily we will have Pam and Ray (my brother) to join us for an Easter meal.  Baked ham, asparagus, twice baked cheesy potatoes, salad and lots of appetizers should make us happy…and there is still some Baklava left from last Monday’s event.  Happy Easter to all!

PS  The nesting birds made an appearance today.  I am 99% sure they are chipping sparrows.

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