Fruity Boogie-Woogie

Every day I stare at the pumpkin on the kitchen counter and wonder if I will cook it before it decides to rot.  This pumpkin was purchased before Thanksgiving, a mere five months ago.  Why is this pumpkin still holding its shape?  I suspect it is here to present the possibility that it should be painted, drawn, or both.  That is exactly what I did today.  The still life included the pumpkin, a mango, a tomato (somewhat past its prime) and an onion. Like the numerous unrelated natural forms, the composition lacked a rhythm and balance that I intended.  Possibly there should have been two onions or tomatoes to help with repetition that would have  created the movement that I had hoped for. Since the whole purpose of my explorations in watercolor and collage thus far has been to enjoy the process again, I decided to play around with the image a bit more.

Looking for a way to make the composition a little less static and predictable, I thought of Piet Mondrian’s “Broadway Boogie-Woogie” painting.  His use of horizontal and vertical lines to form rectangles of interlocking colors was the inspiration for the new background on my painting.  Of course I couldn’t resist mixing in some colored pencils and a touch of ebony again.

Once the background was complete it reminded me of a tablecloth I have somewhere.  I suppose it is seasonally appropriate even though the pumpkin may be a bit out of sync with the spring motif.

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