Anjou Pears

There is still some Baklava left from last Friday’s purchase at the Greek Bake Sale.  Also unfinished is a very moist,  syrup soaked walnut cake from the sale.  Our daughter brought the remaining half of her birthday cake and about a third of that also resides in my refrigerator.  I did make a large fruit salad of fresh pineapple, Anjou pears, apples, mango, oranges and red grapes so that there would be a healthy alternative to the baked sweets. Unfortunately I ate both the healthy and the unhealthy treats.  Somehow I only gained 1.5 pounds, which will come off easily once I am back to eating my normal diet.

Since a bag of Anjou pears was on sale in the produce department I purchased more than I needed for the fruit salad.  As promised while I was struggling with my landscape watercolor paintings,  I brought the pears into the sun room light and broke out the watercolors again.  Still needing to purchase the frisket to keep some highlights of white free of water and paint, I attempted to keep the areas light even without the necessary product.  It has been a long time since I painted any still life subjects and since I enjoyed working on this painting it is more than likely that I will continue to work in this direction.

Between a great produce department at Wegman’s, the Farmer’s Market and two farms within walking distance to their stand and store, I should have a multitude of inspiration. The break I took from my creative pursuits turned out to be just what I needed.  Now that I have painted the pears I can get back to eating them.

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