Winding Roads and Wineries

A week or more has elapsed since my last creative endeavor.  Preparing for and enjoying time spent with family and friends trumped any art making.  Since my last few attempts were dissatisfying, I didn’t at all mind taking the needed break.  Showing my recent work to supportive people certainly helped to boost my confidence.  Landscapes seem to evolve more easily than other subjects for me.  For today’s landscape I had previously made multiple printed copies of an old watercolor painting (left) using different tints and saturation settings.  Tearing,  gluing,  gesso and colored pencils culminated in a collage.

Visiting friends joined us on a short trip west to another Finger Lake and a favorite winery.  There we enjoyed a nice lunch and a wine tasting.  We were a little disappointed that the Bistro dining room is unavailable for lunch now.  Instead we ate in a ‘internet’ cafe space in the tasting room that was chilly enough for the wine but a little too chilly for us.  A hot cup of potato and bacon soup saved the day for us all.  I ordered a salad and our friends and my husband had pulled pork wraps that were large enough to bring half of the portion home.  Since I finished my salad I of course had regrets that I didn’t need to request a doggy bag.  We did return with several bottles of wine including two very special bottles of Riesling as a lovely gift from our friends.

The drive to the winery goes through a few small towns and lots of rural landscapes.  Since this part of Central New York is just beginning to see signs of spring there wasn’t much of the usual lush green foliage to enjoy.  My landscape somewhat reflects what we saw.  Hills, mountains, ponds, streams and trees not yet wearing their spring and summer wardrobes.  We experienced a warm day yesterday with a reasonable amount of sunlight.  The previous two days brought rain and today we have seen rain, freezing rain and a sliver of sun.  The cool tint of my collage resembles the chilly temperatures and the bare trees.  Our landscapers did show up today and dug some holes for the fence posts.  I imagine we may not see them again for a while since more rain is in the forecast.  April showers better bring those May flowers;  I am losing patience with the whole process.

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