Easter Bake Sale, Greek Style

Twice a year, during the Christmas and Easter weeks the Philoptochos Society of St. Catherine’s Greek Orthodox Church provides our community with the most amazing Greek delicacies, both sweet and savory.  These women work tirelessly to make this venture both a financial success for their church as well as a treat for the people of this area.  This week I pre-ordered a pan of Baklava, a large mixed plate of cookies, Spanakopita, Tiropita,  extra virgin first press olive oil from Sparta, Greece, produced by the grandfather of the young woman selling it,  a walnut cake and an assortment of custard filled pastries and more cookies not packaged in the cookie tray.  I didn’t want to miss anything.  The timing was perfect since my guests will be arriving within a few days.  Dessert preparations conveniently crossed off my list.  The spinach and cheese pies will make a great lunch, snack or appetizer, too.

My second trip of the morning was to the fish truck.  Slightly disappointed that the salmon piece was not larger,  I briefly entertained the idea of returning to get more.  The scallops were fine, so I opted to leave well enough alone.  At 8:30 AM the traffic is congested and I didn’t feel like venturing out again.

In addition to the pleasure derived from picking up my food goodies, our recently hired landscaper arrived with equipment  in tow to clear our property of unwanted brush, trash and old fencing.  It is a spectacular weather day, although chilly and back down in the low thirties this morning.  The afternoon will bring warmer temperatures and more sunlight.

As I continue to clean up the house for our guests, I hope to find a little time to return to either another watercolor or collage.  Optimistic that the bright outlook on the day will rub off onto my creative venture,  I hope to regain a little confidence and success in that department.

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