Sticks and Stones II (or III)

The past few days have been a little frustrating in terms of me coming up with anything creative that pleases me.  I should be cleaning my house since in a few days there will be friends visiting from NJ and also an appearance from our daughter and her friend.  Maybe I will be able to distract them from dust and cat hair by showing them all my art work.  A recent collage titled ‘Sticks and Stones’ went through some remediation after the posting of the same name.  Still not happy with its second incarnation, I grabbed the scissors and started cutting things away.  The resulting collage is quite a departure from the original. As usual, the photograph of it is not very good. I promise that the margins and rectangles are at right angles.  They never photograph well with a hand held camera.  If I were really serious I would locate the tripod and give that a shot.  Upon inspection of the original collage,  I’m not sure any real progress was made.  Possibly it would have been better left alone.  Process, not product, right?   The second,  a version with too much gold paint,  didn’t even merit a photograph.  The third piece,  at left,  was an attempt to remove any landscape reference.

When this whole process becomes frustrating,  visiting other artist websites and taking a break seems to help.  Today a Facebook friend posted a few new drawings and linked them to her Etsy shop.  This talented artist wowed me back when she was a freshman in high school.  To my dismay her family moved at the end of her junior year.  I missed what was sure to be another great year with her as a student.  She attended and graduated from Pratt Institute with a major in Film and Media Arts.  She presently works in video, photography and illustration.  Her imagery is dark and thought provoking.  The recently added pieces use text from vintage books as the paper for her drawings/paintings. Another friend recently shared with me the pages of a book she was using in a similar way to create textured backgrounds.  Maybe trying something like this will propel me into a better place visually.  At least the eggplant parmigiana that I made last night was very tasty.  It’s on the menu again tonight with some oven fried chicken legs.

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