Sticks and Stones

Today turned out to be a pretty nice weather day.  The temperature was warm enough to work in the backyard replanting some hosta plants and fern in a garden that has long been neglected.  Since we are soon to have the yard cleared of all useless debris and brush, it seemed like a good day to work on sprucing up the raised bed.  The astilbe bulbs recently arrived in the mail and we had purchased some garden soil and peat moss to give the garden a boost.  Hopefully the bulbs will produce something this year.  They  will eventually grow from twenty to forty inches tall and color the area with red, white, peach and lavender blooms.  The hostas are around the perimeter and some perennials leftover from the previous owner are sure to reappear.

When we had the sun room built last spring the excavation produced a multitude of rocks. They larger ones were tossed around the raised bed and up against the existing, nicely layered stones that form the wall.  It will take some time to unearth the original stone formation.  By the time I had finished the plantings and cleaning I had little energy left to haul rocks to another place.  Once the fence is installed and the yard trash is hauled away we will decide what to do with them all.

While still teaching I painted a non-objective piece to illustrate different watercolor techniques to my students.  Although not a great painting, there were parts that I liked. Today I scanned and printed different color versions of the piece.  The original is pretty close to the scanned version on the left.  The resulting collage bears little resemblance to the original although some of the colors , circles and diagonal lines are similar.  It was fun to tear and layer the parts of the various color versions. Using matte medium as a glue makes the process very quick and easy.  The ebony pencil and a white colored pencil were used to draw the lines and the dark background area.   Although the collage was not meant to be a landscape, it seemed to develop into one. The ‘sticks’ on the lower portion could represent our future fence or the many twigs I cleared away and the spheres or ‘stones’ my future blooming plants or the many rocks from our yard.  I will leave the interpretation up to the viewer.  They are pretty much just shapes, colors and textures that happen to look vaguely like a landscape.

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2 Responses to Sticks and Stones

  1. Both od these images are very nice!!! And Yay for Spring!!!

  2. Neither image is “od”…sorry for spelling error!

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