Return of the Willow

Today I attempted another watercolor landscape.  This view was similar to the one I painted yesterday, but from a different angle and during the fall season when the foliage was brighter.  Unfortunately,  I got a hung up on the multitude of colors and details. Rather than deciding it was a total fail, I decided to try using the colored pencils (and ebony) to define some larger areas that seemed to get lost in the minutia.  Although better as a drawing than a painting, I still found parts of the piece unpleasant.  It’s a process, and sometimes the failures are better teachers than the successes. A cropped portion of the whole landscape features the willow and the downhill road in front of our yard.

It’s probably safe to say I would need to invest a great deal of time and effort to become a painter of any kind. For now  an occasional landscape or still life in watercolor may be all I can handle.  My drawing skills and design sense have always been my strengths.  Most likely I will concentrate on improving those areas first.

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