Downhill View

Today the art clutter in the sun room bothered me more than usual.  Although it has been nice during the winter to have supplies handy, I decided that as the weather and basement become warmer I would be able to do some of the messier work downstairs.  It could be left out to dry without fear of cat paw prints and hair.  My only concern was whether the move would somehow hinder my daily production.

As is with any new addition to the basement, we needed to reorganize and create space for the large office desk that would now hold a large paper cutter and also give me some flat workspace.  We moved a lot of plastic bins filled with household items and stored our daughter’s collection of classical albums.  She received a complete collection of the Franklin Mint Best Classical Recordings from a former neighbor.  Many of them are still sealed in plastic.  We moved them to NY from NJ in hopes that once she moved into her own home they would permanently leave our residence.  The fact that she doesn’t own a turntable and also has limited space in her townhouse seems to point towards the collection staying with us for a bit more time.  Anyway, they are off the cement floor and temporarily in the space where we will store our collection of artwork.  That will require building some storage shelves and will probably not take place any time soon.  In the meantime,  my drawing table, work table, supply bins and sewing machine are back in the basement.

Today the temperature dropped both outside and in the basement.  I wanted to break the watercolors out in my newly established space,  but didn’t think I would be warm enough. Luckily watercolor doesn’t require a big space and the materials are lightweight.  A short trip back upstairs with the necessary paints, palette, watercolor block and brushes allowed me to work on my daily creation in more comfort.  It has been a very long time since I painted anything.  I was without masking or rubber cement, so my painting is without any white areas.  It didn’t take long to rekindle my interest in watercolor.  I have a long way to go, but as my husband used to tell his art students, “It doesn’t suck too much.”  Hopefully down the road (which is the subject of my painting) my work will improve and gain more spontaneity and looseness.  I might take a break from the collages or at least alternate with some painting.   Today’s chosen subject is our front yard with my favorite asymmetrical willow tree.  The tree was ready for winter and had already shed its leaves.  Some yellows and greens that were still attached to other trees along with a strong sun and shadows made for a nice contrast.

My husband has also taken up the brush again.  His love of oil painting has taken a back seat to the many house renovation projects. It is nice to see him back in production and hopefully he will continue to pursue his passion for painting.  A lovely landscape of the Maiella Mountains in Abruzzo, Italy,  was his first subject.  He visited this beautiful country and met his second cousin and her family on the trip a few years ago.   Today was a good day for painting landscapes.  It rained here again today.

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3 Responses to Downhill View

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  2. Great to see your painting Jane!

  3. loretta2 says:

    Beautiful….with a touch of Ann Pompilio. Do you see it?

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