Chicco! Un Cane Bravo e Gentile

In my opinion, drawing from your own photographs is a good tool when you need a reference that is not available to you.  Generally I don’t like working from someone else’s photos.  In this particular case,  Ron gave me permission to do a sketch from a snap shot he took  while in Italy.  Chicco, Franco and Erminia’s dog,  is a good and kind dog.   Considering the light was not optimal, again, the photo small, and my eyesight typical of someone in her sixties,  I think I managed to get a likeness of Chicco.   I am sure he is more magnificent in person, but hope that I have captured at least a small part of his persona.  If I am able to overcome my fear of flying on such a long trip over an ocean, I might someday get to meet Chicco myself…and his humans, as well!

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One Response to Chicco! Un Cane Bravo e Gentile

  1. Loretta says:

    Jane…Go to Italy!!! Meet that pup! Just remember to wiggle your toes on the plane!

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