Post Card Posies

Yesterday we got our first estimate for cleaning up and fencing in the backyard. We also need some grading and new gravel on our driveway.  During the sun room construction project we generated a lot of debris.  Well, I see it as debris.  Ron sees it as future building materials.  In any event the piles of wood, plastic, windows, cement chunks, bricks, etc. must go.  The first landscaper to view our project is capable to doing everything we requested.  I’m very excited with this prospect.  Bella will be excited about the fence.  We have been promising her a yard to run in for over four years.

The first crocus popped out of the ground yesterday, as well.  Could spring finally be arriving?  In a homage to the possibility I worked on a collage utilizing several old postcards that fell out of nowhere while I was searching for paper.  The cards appeared to be hand colored photographs of flowers.  Since I don’t remember ever seeing these, I suspect they belonged to my mother and were tucked inside her watercolor pad.

In what seems to be a pattern, I began working on this after dinner, when the light was not so great.  To make matters worse I retrieved the drying initial stage of the collage and brought it along with my colored pencils into the bedroom to keep me busy while watching the Saturday night line-up on HGTV.  The lack of good light followed me there.  Bella was also disturbed that I infringed upon her space with my supplies.  I worked for what turned out to be over three hours and amazed myself that I was still awake past midnight. 

Upon resuming work on the collage this morning I decided it needed more contrast. The ebony pencil once again came into play. The morning sun was now blinding me. Today I will observe what time the best light arrives.  Oddly enough the many dreary gray days of March actually worked pretty well for me in terms of art production.  No guilt about not taking advantage of a good weather day outdoors and enough light to get some work done indoors.  Today I have been promised that yard clean up will begin.  I’m ready to help and hope this time the ticks stay off of me.

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2 Responses to Post Card Posies

  1. Nikkie says:

    I love the composition!

  2. Loretta says:

    Very Nice…I love pencil, also!

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